I just got an invitation this week to present at Kinky Kollege in Chicago in October.  An old friend, Jack Rinella, asked me to do a 101 sort of class for them, as well as a couple more.  I don’t know what else I’ll present for him, I sent him a long list of classes I have available.

I will also be presenting with my friend Ms Tammy at Mr. Georgia Leather in Atlanta in September, and of course I’ll be presenting at GLLA in August in Indianapolis.  I presented last month at Corn Con in Bloomington, Illinois, and in April at Beyond Leather, in Florida.

I also do local classes once a month at least, too.

I like presenting.  I’m a dominant, what’s better than standing in front of a bunch of people, all of who are gazing at me with rapt attention, hanging on every word I say.  Or so I tell myself.

One of my favorite classes to present is a communication class.  It talks a lot about the differences in the ways women communicate versus men.  While I always preface it by noting that it is, indeed, stereotypical and there are men and women who don’t behave in those ways, I find that it is substantially true.

I do a class on rituals that’s always fun, because I get a lot of audience participation.  I ask people what rituals they use, what works for them, what doesn’t.

I do a lot of classes for novices, 101-type classes.  I find that often the easiest thing is to give them some general information, and then let them ask questions about whatever they’d like.  I need to start the class because they’re too shy in the beginning to just speak up, but once I get them started, they’re fine.

I started presenting a dozen years ago now, mostly as a way to offset the expense of going to events.  It got me a free registration, or two.  It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve either moved up the ranks enough or the times have changed enough that the deals are better now, but sometimes I get a night or two in a hotel and once in a great while, expenses as well.  Kinky Kollege is a good gig, free hotel, two registrations and expenses.

I don’t know how many classes I’ve offered at how many events.  I’d guess that I’ve been to an average of six events a year for the last nearly 15 years.  Some years it’s been fewer, but many years it’s been more.  If nothing else is added to my schedule before the end of the year, I will have been to or presented at about eight events in a year’s time.

So, at a half dozen events a year for 15 years, that’s about 90 events, probably more.  I’ve been to 10 GLLA’s.  I think I was at six or seven Vicious Valentines, and a couple of Malicious Masquerades.  I’ve been to four Black Roses, including the first one.

I’ve been to Leather Retreat and Dark Odyssey and Thunder in the Mountains and Northwest Leather Conference and South Plains Leather Fest and South East Leather Fest.  I went to six or eight Ohio Leather Fests, and eight or nine Anything for Loves.

I’ve been to Beat Me in St. Louis at least four or five times, and Beyond Leather four times.  I’ve been to Leather Leadership Converence three times.

I’ve been to Smart Fest and Pheer Fest and Beat My Valentines.  I’ve been to Corn Con and Evening in Leather and Master’s Retreat.

I have produced my own events, too, two Derby City Fetish Balls and two Bluegrass Leather Pride Festivals.

I’ve been to more smaller events than I can remember – in Indiana and Kentucky and Ohio, Leather contests and bar nights and Pride Celebrations.

And now I feel as though I should have set this to the music of the old Johnny Cash song, “I’ve Been Everywhere.”





About MsConstanceExplains

Ms Constance has been actively involved in the BDSM/Leather community since the mid-1990’s. She is the Founder of the Louisville Munch as well as its hostess for ten years, from 1997 to 2007, and was christened as “Louisville’s First Lady” by her community. As a member of various BDSM/Leather organizations, she has been nominated for Pantheon Woman of the Year as well as regional awards, and has been nominated with her slave, drew, for Pantheon Couple of the Year. She serves as Special Events Director for the Great Lakes Leather Alliance. She produces the Bluegrass Leather Pride Contest, sending contestants to Great Lakes Leather Weekend, and was Presenters Committee Chair for Leather Leadership Conference 2010 Great Lakes/Ontario. She has produced and judged Leather events and contests, been instrumental in the organization and creation of various groups and clubs, advised and encouraged other communities and endeavors, and produced a performance by a BDSM comedian. Groups around the country use her writings in information and introductory packets, and she is an occasional columnist as well. She and slave drew hold the titles of Great Lakes Master and slave 2003.

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  1. Ms. Constance? Your posts almost always make me smile! Love that Johnny Cash song (my Dad is a big JC fan!) from my childhood. You are a well-traveled Dominant! Kudos to you… You are (and this isnt’ sucking up, but truth)…a very talented speaker, with a magnetic personality. I felt like I’d known you forever after having met you once. That is truly a gift.


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