Kinky Kollege

slave drew and I arrived at Kinky Kollege this afternoon in good time.
The drive wasn’t bad, other than that middle-of-Chicago part where it
takes a half hour to go three miles.

It was very Chicago-like.

We saw Jack Rinella first, at the registration desk. We’re at a very
nice Hyatt.

We got to the room and got somewhat settled, then went downstairs to
the registration for the event. We got through that and then went to
the restaurant upstairs to get a late lunch. drew had a lovely pasta
with goat cheese and I had a bowl of lobster bisque with blue crabmeat
in it.

It was quite nice.

Then we scurried up to the room to grab the bags of crops and canes
for the class I was giving at 4:00 on, yes, crops and canes.

So, we are heading to the classroom and walk by a couple or three bags
of trash waiting in a back hall for pickup.

Protruding from the bags was a LONG rod, one of those that turns the
blinds in a hotel room.

Clearly, it was a sign.

So I have a new cane, the Kinky Kollege Kane.

I had about 15-20 people in the class, which is perfectly respectable
at the opening time slot for an event on Friday night, against four or
five other classes.

I did, however, have to have drew close the classroom door because
there was a pretty woman sitting on a cloth covered exam table, and I
figured she would be doing something that would prove distracting.

Turned out she was doing a fisting class, so I imagine they’d have
closed the door anyway.

The class went well, I think. I talk about the different kinds of
crops and canes and a lot of different techniques for both of them. I
had a fair amount of questions, which is usually a good sign, too.

Afterwards, drew and I headed up to the room again to drop off toy
bags and get ready for the next event, which was the Meet and Greet,
which started a few minutes ago and which I should be dressing for
right now.

Tomorrow is a newcomer’s class and co-hosting a presenter thing with
Jack, then drew and I will hustle off to the Red Apple, I suspect.

I hope your weekend is as interesting as mine.

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  1. sounds like you’re having a fabulous time. Oh, those lexan things…*shudders*…I’ve never had one used on me, but I tried one on my thigh this summer when I was washing blinds…holy hell!

    I might pay you a dollar to NOT use that on me..just sayin’… šŸ™‚


  2. The cane reminds me of the cake server I saw about a year ago with the intention of sending to my friend Nilla… She has a plain one she calls the FSCT. (F*cking Silver Cake Thingy) This one was pretty, and had tulip cut-outs. It never reached her as Wolf decided he had way too much fun making tulip prints on me.

    • And really, who can blame him? Not me, certainly.

      I think there would be a market for monogrammed FSCT, or even crops in alphabetical shapes. How fun would it be to leave a “monogram” on a slave’s ass?

      I should copyright that idea right now. šŸ™‚

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