Explanatory Links

These are websites I can recommend, for events and information:

The Louisville Munch

The Louisville Munch was founded in 1997 and has run continuously since, without a single cancellation.  A comprehensive calendar for the area is maintained here, too.  I am the founder and was the original hostess for the first ten years.  It is now hosted by Mr. Michael.


Great Lakes Leather Alliance Weekend

GLLA takes place August 23-26 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  GLLA is the home of five contests, play spaces, educational opportunities, fabulous cocktail parties, and our legendary poolside auction.   I serve on the Board of Directors as the Special Events Director, or, as I prefer to think of it, Party Dominatrix.  Have fun, or else.


Beyond Leather

Beyond Leather takes place every April in Fort Lauderdale, and is genuinely my favorite event after GLLA.  Sir Top and slave bonnie and their host of volunteer staff put on a great event with classes, play space, and opening ceremonies that are unmatched anywhere else.  They’re the home to the new International Power Exchange Contest as well.  I’ve judged and presented here, slave drew has judged and has been the tally slave the last two years.


Leather Archives and Museum

Kinky people have history, too, and if you’ve not made a pilgrimage to the Leasther Archives, you really should.  They also have a number of online resources as well.  The museum is located in Chicago, serving the world.



Leatherati covers “Leather People, Events and News.” and some of their writers have some controversy attached to them or their work.  There are updates from events around the world, and they often have video clips from events, too.


being aisha

This is a blog written by one of my favorite people – one of slave drew’s, too.  I even show up in it sometimes – how cool is that?  Seriously, though, check it out, she was named as one of the Top 100 Sex Blogs recently.  What more do you need to know?



If you’re kinky and you don’t have a profile here, you should check it out.  All the cool kids are there.  Seriously, though I don’t love many things about Fetlife – do they not understand how hard white type on black backgrounds IS to read? – it really is the easiest place to connect and stay informed about what’s available out there and the kinky people and things in your area.


Northwest Leather Celebration

This is a fun event held in May in San Jose.  Yes, I know, it’s Northwest and it’s held in San Jose, that’s not a typo.  They are the home to the Northwest Master and slave Contest, too, which both slave drew and I have judged.  Ms Margaret is the epitome of a lady, and her slave, Erich, is a perfect complement.  I highly recommend it.


Evil Monk

This site has been maintained for years by my friend Ambrosio.  He has a wealth of articles and information there, including a few by me.  It’s a great place to lose yourself in reading, and he’s an intelligent and reasonable voice in what is sometimes the wilderness of mis-information.


Leather Leadership Conference

LLC is a national organization which sponsors yearly conferences in cities around the country.  A Local Organizing Committee submits a proposal on their vision for the LLC they want to produce and the National Board chooses the location.  In 2010 it was in Detroit and I had the honor of being the Programming Chair, picking and scheduling every presentation and class.  Most recently, it was in Nashville and I presented there.  Next year, it will take place in Seattle.


The BDSM Events Page

If you’re looking for an event, check out this site.  It lists them by month, and can give you an idea of just how many opportunities for attending events around the country.


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