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Fringe Elements Meeting

We had our second open meeting for Fringe Elements tonight.

We had expected more people than actually showed, but that was fine, too.  We had about 25 people, I think, plus the six of us who sit on the Board of Directors.

We had set it up so we talked about the venue search, our financials, marketing, administration and volunteers.

We’ve been searching for a venue since we started and have had no luck.  We’ve found places that didn’t work for various reasons – location, structure, access, ownership, neighbors, etc., etc., etc.

We talked about having looked at 113 venues, and dealt with something like 90 agents.

We actually have a viewing scheduled for Monday, too.

We talked about our finances, where we were, how much we’d made and from where.

In addition, we talked about how many meetings we had held, how many events, where we’d been represented, what we’d done.

Then we talked about our marketing and our legal status, and then our volunteers.

All in all, it went very well.  I’d spent three or four hours in the last day or two putting together the information, figuring out the flow, preparing for questions we might get, getting some things done that we wanted to have available and ready, etc.

I am glad it’s over, and glad it went well.

If you’d like to take a look, our website is here.

Special Interest Groups

So we had our SIG meeting this afternoon and the topic, which had been requested in our topic listing, was Leather History.

I did a bit of prep for the meeting, which included going through the Leather Archives and Museum Leather History Timeline.  If you’re interested you can find that here.

I pulled out items that I thought were particularly interesting from that time line:

1954:    Satyrs MC founded in Los Angeles, the first gay motorcycle club.

1955, Sept. 21:    The Daughters of Bilitis, the first Lesbian organization in America, is formed in San Francisco.

1958:    Oedipus MC founded in Los Angeles, the second gay motorcycle club.

1958, June:    Chuck Renslow becomes manager of The Gold Coast in Chicago and creates the first Leather Bar.

1960, March 16:    The Gold Coast, Chicago’s first leather bar, (opened June 1958) is purchased by Chuck Renslow and Associates.

1960:    Warlocks MC, and California Motor Club formed in southern California and San Francisco respectively.

1963, Sept. 15:    Second City Motorcycle Club founded in Chicago.

1964, June 26:    Life magazine features “Homosexuality in America,” an article by Paul Welch that includes a two page spread on the Tool Box, San Francisco’s premier leather bar, and sparks a migration of eager leathermen to “Baghdad by the Bay.”

1964:    Empire City MC founded in NYC and holds first Empire City Christmas Party and Toys for Tots.

1964:    Recon MC founded in San Francisco.

1965, Apr.:    Second City MC founded in Chicago. The first such club in the Midwest.

1969:    Time magazine declares 1969 “The Year of the Newly Militant Homosexual”

1969, June 28:    New York City Police raid the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar on Christopher St. near 7th Ave. triggering riots that last several nights, and becoming the seminal event in public awareness of the fight for gay rights.

1969, June 29:    “Four Policemen Hurt in Village Raid” reported the New York Times, on page 33.

1969, July:    Reporting on the Stonewall riots, Time magazine says, “The love that once dared not speak its name now can’t seem to keep its mouth shut.”

1969, July:    The Gay Liberation Front is formed in New York City.

1970, June:    Celebrating the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the first gay pride parades/marches/rallies are held in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Cycle MC marches in the Christopher Street Liberation Day parade in NYC.

1971, Jan. 3:    First lesbian center in the US opens in New York City, sponsored by the NY Chapter of the Daughters of Bilitis.

1971, Feb.:    The Eulenspiegel Society is founded in New York City as North America’s first SM organization. It is open to all sexes and orientations.

1971, Apr.:    Bob Ross begins publishing the Bay Area Reporter, aka the B.A.R., in San Francisco. Mr. Marcus begins his leather column in this newspaper in August of 1971. As of this writing in Jan,. 1999, both the paper and the column are still going strong after 28 years!

1971, Aug.:    In Chicago: Thirteen men decide to organize a group specifically to hold gay male SM play parties and the Chicago Hellfire Club is created…

1972, April:    The (San Francisco) Bay Area Reporter newspaper begins publishing a column devoted to leather related news, gossip and information written by “Mr. Marcus,” (Marcus Hernandez.) The first, and longest running, column of its type, in 1999 it is still going strong!

1972, Oct.:    In a contest held at the Chicago Leather bar, the Gold Coast, John Lunning becomes Mr. Gold Coast. The FIRST leather title holder.

1974:    Bella Abzug and Edward Koch become the first members of the US House of Representatives to introduce legislation prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.

1974:    The Society of Janus is started in the San Francisco Bay area by Cynthia Slater. It is an SM interest group open to all genders and orientations.

1974, Apr. 8:    Members of the American Psychiatric Association agree with its trustees to stop listing homosexuality as a mental disorder.

1976, Oct. 26:    The Mineshaft in New York City opens. This after-hours club allowed and encouraged virtually all forms of sexual activity among its hot male patrons. It was a Mecca for leather/SM types in the Eastern US and Canada. Closed in Nov. 1985.

1977, Feb. 7:    US State Dept. announces it will no longer automatically bar gays and lesbians from employment.

1978, Nov 27:    Harvey Milk, openly gay San Francisco Supervisor, assassinated, along with mayor George Moscone, by former Supervisor Dan White.

1989, May 28:    Tony DeBlase presents his design for a leather pride flag to the audience at International Mr. Leather, the first time the flag is presented to the public.


We talked, too, about some of the “rules” of the Old Guard leather, which I also find quite interesting.  Let me say that there are those who disagree that there ever even was an Old Guard, but regardless, I still find the list an interesting one:

Always wear boots, butch ones, and preferably black.

Always wear a wide black leather belt plain, not fancy.

Never mix brown leather with black leather.

Never mix chrome or silver trim with gold or brass trim.

Long pants only, Levi’s or leather, and no shorts.

Chaps indicate more commitment than Levi’s, and leather pants more commitment than chaps, especially when worn consistently.

Leather Jackets must have epaulets (bike riders excepted).

Head gear is reserved for Tops or experienced or heavy bottoms only.

Bottoms may not own collars unless a particular Top has allowed that bottom to be the custodian of the Top’s collar. A bottom wearing a collar is a slave, and belongs to the owner of the collar who, presumably, has the keys. Other Tops are not to engage a collared bottom in conversation, but other bottoms may do so. Should such a relationship end, the collar must be returned to the Top.

Never touch the bill of a bike cap, including your own.

Never touch another man’s cap (or head gear) unless you are very intimate friends or lovers.

Keep studs and other decorations to a tasteful minimum unless they happen to be club insignia.

Never wear another man’s leather unless he puts it on you.

Leather, other than boots and belt, must be ‘earned’ through the achievement of successively challenging ‘scenes.’

Wearing gloves is reserved for heavy players, glove fetishists or bike riders.

Always indicate SM preference, only with keys left or right.

If you are cruising seriously, wear the keys out; if not seriously, tuck them in a back pocket.

Always indicate strictly leather sex or ‘rough sex’ interest by wearing no keys at all.

Those who ‘switch’ are second class players and not to be taken as seriously because they haven’t made their minds up. If you must switch, do so in another town.

‘Full’ leather is reserved for after 10:00 P.M. only and only with ‘our own kind’.

Respect the public by wearing less of it during the day–don’t frighten old ladies (l did once by accident), or anyone else for that matter.

About Socializing and Cruising:

Experience in the Scene determines social seniority (Top or bottom), not age, not size, not amount of leather worn, and not offices held in organizations, awards received or titles won.

Tops and experienced bottoms should be accorded higher respect and deference unless and until they behave rudely–all are expected to observe rules of social courtesy-bad manners are inexcusable and can lower one’s status in the Scene (thereby reducing access to the Knowledgeable People for information or play),

Real Leathermen keep their word: they do not borrow or lend money; they conduct their affairs with honor and integrity-they don’t lie.

Preliminary social contact should be on the formal side.

‘Senior Persons’ (Top or bottom) are not to be interrupted when in conversation.

Experience being equal, Tops lead the conversation.

Junior Tops defer to Senior Tops and Senior bottoms in social situations.

Junior bottoms defer to all others in the Scene but not to outsiders.

When walking together, bottoms walk half-a-step behind and to the left of Tops with whom they are involved or playing.

It is up to the Top or the experienced bottom to extend a hand to invite a handshake. (All touching is highly restricted during initial contact between strangers.) NEVER over-indulge in drugs or alcohol in public, or otherwise attract scornful attention to one’s self–to do so brings dishonor on the men in the Scene,

Tops should always have the first two opportunities to make verbal or physical contact.

The more submissive one is, the less direct eye contact one makes-glance frequently at or stare at His boots only when cruising; less so in non-sexual conversation. The more dominant one is, the more direct the eye contact is unless there is no erotic interest (cruising only).

Men in the Scene do not discuss (or write about the Scene with outsiders. All men in the Scene must be able to spot outsiders with the ‘right stuff’ and be ready to facilitate them into the Scene after they indicate sincere interest.

None of these rules are taught or explained to anyone except by innuendo, inference, or example.

Erotic technical information is only shared among peers.


We talked about why people thought Leather history was important, and discussed the positives and negatives of both inclusion and exclusion within the community.

We spent some time specifically talking about Stonewall, an incident I find quite moving.  If you don’t know a lot about Stonewall, the Wikipedia entry here is well-written and interesting.

All in all, I think it was a worthwhile discussion and one that people enjoyed.  That’s always my hope, anyway.


On another topic, my website is up and running and it’s now possible to get yourself registered for Bluegrass Leather Pride and the Kinky Bloggers convention by going here.  I look forward to seeing at least some of you there.



Post Party

Had I been smart, I would have written a blog post before heading out to the Fringe Elements Taster’s Choice party last night.

I thought of that about the same time I realized that I had forgotten the mascara.  It was too late to go back and do it by then.

So the party went well.  We had about 120 people, which is a good sized party.  Our class lineup was Rope Bondage by Robyn, Boot Massage by Bootblack Bella, Therapeutic Massage by Kristin, Intro to Canes by Ms Constance – yours truly – Intro to Flogging by GypsyPony, Hot Safe Sex by Leather Queer, Intro to Electrical Play by Sir Russ, Intro to Knife Play by Sir Charles, Rough Body Play by Walter Sobchak, Intro to Needles by Ms Tammy, Intro to Littles Play by Johnnie and Maggie, and Massage for Doms by Shawna the Dead.

Most classes ran about a half hour – the theme was Taster’s Choice, a chance to give people a taste of a skill or activity, and introduction to it.  A couple ran longer because there was too much to do in so short a time, but I was very pleased.

I actually did my cane class twice, and was surprised at the attendance both times.  I probably had about 30 people all together.

I’m always surprised at how many people are interested in canes.  I think it’s like anything else that people are afraid of, they’re also fascinated by.

I do a longer class on crops and canes both, and this was an abbreviated version.  I also caned probably a half dozen people who were interested in the experiencing how canes feel, so that was fun, too.

It was a good event, but the end result of such things is always that I am fairly exhausted the next day.  I actually didn’t stay as late as I usually do, because I wanted to check on slave drew, but I left for the party about about 5:00 or so and got home about 1:00am or so, so I was still gone about eight hours.

Now I need to really start focusing on Bluegrass Leather Pride, which will be my work this week.

If you were there, I hope you had a great time.  If you were not, and could have been, then you missed out. If you couldn’t make it due to distance, I forgive you.




Tonight slave drew and I had dinner with aisha and her Sir, and that was lovely.  Dinner was fabulous, surpassed only by the conversation, and now we are home again.

I have goals for the next few days in particular.  I need to get my kitchen and dining room back in order after the festivities of the holidays.  I have a return or two to handle.

I have 89 unread messages in my inbox, and another 20 that are read but not responded to.  I need to go through that and get that cleaned up.

I need to finalize some things for the next Fringe Elements, here:

I need to do some work for Bluegrass Leather Pride, and also for Great Lakes Leather Alliance.  I need some desk time, basically.

There are two munches this weekend, so there’s that, too.

Maybe I’ll get those last couple cards done, too.

We’ll see.

For now, though, it’s past my bedtime.

Another Party

Tonight was a party again, I know that shocks you all, though I think I’ve had more invitations this year than ever before.  Some years I honestly do one party, maybe, and that’s about it.

This was a largish party at the home of Charles and jacki, two of my favorite people.  I’ve no idea how many people were actually there, but I bet it was 40, if you counted everyone who was there for at least a while.

I brought home much loot, all of it cool.


Charles and jacki gave me a lovely scarf in shades of red and purple, that I really like a lot.  If you know me personally, you’re likely to see me wearing it because I do like it muchly.





cheese knife






There was also a theme of sharp things – who could have guessed?

The wooden pie shape is a really nifty cheese board, with particularly cool cheese implements that look more dangerous than your usual cheese knives, and was a gift from Shane.

I kidded that I could tie a boy to the bed with his legs spread, then slide the wedge right up under his dick and balls and be all ready for CBT, or at least a very alarmed boy.

The Buck knife was from Fred and Sarah, along with homemade vanilla extract and homemade vanilla and honey salt scrub.

I also got cookies and candy and a set of wine charms from tonight’s gift exchange, but one of the things that was especially cool – and they were ALL cool, I promise, was a set of tile coasters from Caile.



They have, of course, the Leather Pride flag, the BDSM Triskelion, the logo for the Louisville Munch, and the Fleur de Lis, which is the symbol for the city of Louisville and was what I have always used in the logo for the Louisville Munch.




I was also fed, and wined, and had various people waiting on me and scurrying to fetch me things.  I got cards, too, and if I forgot anything that anyone gave me, blame it on my failing memory rather than lack of enthusiasm.

I believe tomorrow does not have a gathering planned, at least not yet.  Christmas we’ll get together with friends and do dinner and gifts.  On Wednesday, we’ll see another friend who warned me he’d like to get us our gifts “while their food still holds out.”

He’s entirely kidding.

I’m pretty sure, anyway.

Then Thursday we have a Fringe Board of Directors meeting that won’t be a full complement, but will be a few more gifts exchanged, though I believe I have all mine, I’m just playing Santa again.

I still have to see Ms Tammy but I don’t think either of us has anything perishable, so that’s not pressing.

aisha and I made nebulous plans today to have dinner sometime, the four of us, to catch up and pass off tokens.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I expect it to be quiet, with just the two of us and the dogs, and we will all be fine with that.

With the single real bump in the road yesterday, it has been a really pleasant holiday season thus far.  I got many things done earlier than usual, and that helped enormously, as I know you’re all astonished about.  Of course it makes it easier.

I hope you all finish your errands and cooking and wrapping and traveling and spend the holiday with the people you want, in the place you want to be.  If that’s not possible, then I hope the place you are is peaceful.


Apocalypse How?

Ok, so it’s a cheap shot.  Neither slave drew nor I had to get up especially early this morning so we were lying in bed chatting.

I’d had an odd dream – I’ve had a string of them lately, nothing bad, just one of those odd ones, and I told him about it, and then commented that we were still here, so there was, at least thus far, no apocalypse, and I told him that the title of my blog yesterday was “Apocalypse Now?”

“And if I were a cattle rancher, it would have been Apocalypse Cow…”

“And if I were a pig farmer, it would have been Apocalypse Sow…”

“And if I were a boat builder, it would have been Apocalypse Prow…”

“If you were a chef, it would have been Apocalypse Chow…”

“And if I were a farmer, it would have been Apocalypse Plow…”

“And if I were a Quaker, it would have been Apocalypse Thow…”

“And if I were a handy man, it would have been Apocalypse How…”

“And if there really IS an apocalypse, and I can write a blog, I’ll call it Apocalypse – Ow!”

Ok, I’m done with bad Apocalypse Now references, and aren’t you glad?

So, the world didn’t end, unless it ends in the next hour, but even so, it’s already the day after on the west coast, and I’m pretty sure I’d have heard if the apocalypse started in L.A.

I have been wading through my inbox tonight, and have made some progress, but I still have lots to do.  I also finally looked at my calendar for 2013.

On a monthly basis, what I have in terms of kink-related events are:

First Friday Munch

First Saturday Munch

Third Saturday BDSM 101 Class

Third Sunday Special Interest Group Discussion

Third Thursday Titleholder Preparation Gatherings

Fouth Sunday Munch

Add in a Fringe Elements party about every six weeks, and two or three Board of Director meetings a month for the same thing.

And the MAsT Chapter meetings that I never seem to make.

Then there are the out-of-town events I have on my calendar, usually an event at least every other month, and local parties for one thing or another.

I could say no, I suppose.  That is, theoretically, possible.  But I never seem to.  I almost always say yes.

No wonder my calendar is a mess.

So, since the world hasn’t ended, I better get my act together, huh?  I need to update my online calendar – I use a paper calendar to lay things out, then I need to add them to my online calendar.

I need to answer a bunch of mail.

I need to update and add some events on Fetlife.

I have the domain, and I need to set this up there.

I need to do some long-term planning for my own Bluegrass Leather event in March, and for Great Lakes Leather Alliance in August, and some sort of personal goals for the upcoming year.

So, I can only end this blog in one way:

No Apocalypse?  Wow.

My Santa Run

So, it had come to my attention lately that someone I didn’t know particularly well was not going to be able to provide much Christmas for the five children, all under ten, in their household, due to reasons of bad luck and bad health.

Four of the children are theirs, one is the daughter of a recently-killed friend, who, along with her father, is also living with them for lack of another option.

I recognize that there are others out there in worse or similar situations, but these came to my attention.

My own father died when I was quite small, and I am very acquainted with being a child who gets few presents for Christmas, and practical ones at that.  New pajamas because they were needed, new socks because they were needed.

She had told me that the children were being very good about not expecting much of a Christmas, that they understood.

I, however, was fairly sure it wouldn’t be difficult to remedy the situation.

I spoke on Thursday of the week before last to my Head Elf, jacki, and told her the situation.  I said, “I think we can do something about this, don’t you?”

Her response was, “Yes, ma’am, we can.”

By Friday evening she had it in place, the children given out to people who would buy for them.

On Saturday of the next week, she texted me saying there was a problem, not a BAD thing, but something that she needed to talk to me about.

I called.

“Ma’am, how big is your car?  We have a bicycle for them.”  I assured her that my Prius could hold more than she thought and she was glad because her dining room was full of gifts.

I picked them up at the SIG group, along with a couple of other donations, too, and sure enough, they did all fit in my car.  With the seats down and not a lot of extra room.

I had a case of canned vegetables I’d been given for Kentucky Harvest, too, that had gotten to me too late for my Thanksgiving run, so I’d checked with the giver who had no objection to passing those along, either.

Tonight, I put on my Santa hat – literally – and drove a half hour to where the family lived.

Nothing about their house made me doubt anything she’d said.  The four-year-old boy was out with his father and the other child’s father, who helped me empty my car.

When I got out, the little boy’s eyes got wide and he said, “Are you Mrs. Claus?”  I told him I was, and that Santa had sent some presents.

“Do you have a reindeer?,” he asked.  I told him that I didn’t have a reindeer, but I did have three Scottish terriers, and it was nearly the same thing.

One of the men said, as he was helping unload the car, “These aren’t all for us, are they?”

I told him they were.  He said several times, “You didn’t need to do all this…”  I also told him several times that I had actually done little other than put the right bug in the right person’s ear, which was very true.

The little boy was helping carry in presents and he looked down at the ones in his arms and said, wonderingly, “These have my name on them…”  He looked up at me and said, “Have you been watching me being good?”

I told him that I had, but he had to keep being good, too, and he nodded vigorously and said, “I’ve been cleaning and helping!”

The comment, “Have you been watching me being good?” was the sweetest one, but the most touching was from the man who must have been the father of the other child.

At one point he looked down at the presents he was carrying and said, “These have my daughter’s name on them…?”  It was clear he’d not expected it at all, perhaps hadn’t even known it was happening, and was profoundly moved by it.

Right, because I was going to bring a car full of presents to four children and leave out the one who had recently lost her mother.  My elves would never ever have let that happen.  Never.

They invited me to come in and watch the children open the gifts, but that was never my intention.

The presents were from Santa and most especially his elves, after all, not me.

Before I left, the father of the other children gave me a Christmas hug, and I wished them all a merry Christmas, then flew away like the down of a thistle.

I do particularly want to thank those very elves.  I suspect this will be a Christmas that is remembered by all the people in the household for a long time, and when I say I did nothing, I am not being disingenuous.  I did so little in terms of my effort as to be negligible.

I am genuinely so proud and so grateful to have a community who so willingly and generously opened their hearts and wallets to an unknown family because I asked for it.

And I got to play Mrs. Claus, again, I got to see the adorable four-year-old who was so amazed that Santa had been watching, I got to see the father who was so touched that his daughter would have a Christmas, too, I got the Christmas hug of gratitude.

And really, I just wore the hat and drove the sleigh.

Gift Exchanges

I went to two gift exchanges in two days and had a good time at both.

We went to my friends Donald and Chris’ party last night.  I’ve been going to that same party for a decade or more now.  It’s a fund-raiser for the residents of the House of Ruth, a local AIDS hostel.

It’s also always fun.  Some years it’s been quite large, last night it was smaller, but it was quite pleasant to have time to visit with the folks who were there.

We always do a gift exchange at the party and it’s one of those where you can choose to open a new gift, or steal a revealed gift from someone else.

I have learned over the years to always steal if it’s possible, and if there’s nothing that really strikes your fancy, then take the most popular present even if it’s nothing you particularly want.

Because someone else will steal it from you and you will likely have another opportunity to claim something you like.

I have put thought into this over the years, obviously.

At the party I was at last night, there are often fairly sexual gifts – remember, it’s a bunch of gay leather guys.  Last year, my prize from the party was a rather obscenely large pink and black tiger-striped butt plug with an “iron-knuckle” grip.

This year, we took a book of gay male erotica and a pig key chain that oinks when you push a button on it, and a small fry pan with a pig face on it, the kind that leaves that impression on pancakes or eggs, about 4″ across.

It was speculated that it would also leave the same impression on someone’s ass, though that was, when I left, still just a theory.

What we came home with this year was a plush pig that sings a tune and dances, a small stuffed pig keychain, and a pig finger puppet in one package, and a a wooden pig puzzle, a pig that shoots small balls out of its mouth when you press its stomach and my very favorite gift, which I had to take away from Ms Tammy twice, the lighted pigs.

Are you sensing a theme here?

The pigs are really driveway markers, but they are too cute not to have where I can see them often, so they are lined up under the tree.


I haven’t dealt with hiding the cord between them because I just set them out today, but I’m quite fond of them.  They are very cute, and I like them a lot.

Then I went to our SIG group Holiday gathering.  We talked about next year’s topics, and did the same kind of gift exchange there, and I ended up again with the thing I liked the best.

I had taken a crop that I don’t like and haven’t used, though I’ve had it for years. It’s a nice crop, nothing wrong with it at all, but not my kind of crop.

I came home with a pillow that happened to be the first thing that was open, and 11 presents later, I swiped it.


Really, does that suit me, or what?

First Fig

First Fig

My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
It gives a lovely light.

Edna St. Vincent Millay

That’s a bit how I feel tonight.  I have, I fear, been burning my candle at both ends and I am paying the price, such as it is, at the moment.

I’m still fighting that cold and the cold is, tonight at least, winning.

We had a Fringe Elements Board meeting last night and I talked a lot for three hours or so.

Then I made what I thought would be a quick customer service call for a domain issue, and it took 45 minutes, which was good because I got something settled, but still it was 45 minutes of talking.

I stayed up too late because I couldn’t sleep and then got up pretty early because all three dogs badly needed to get to the groomer.

Then I did a bit of Christmas shopping, and then I had a lunch engagement – more talking – and then a bit more shopping, then picking up the dogs late in the afternoon, requiring rather scurrying home to drop them off and change to go to the Friday Munch.

Oh, and just to add to the fun, it rained ALL fucking day.  I don’t mind rain, really, and we can use it, but it made bad Friday-in-December-before-Christmas driving even worse, and much of it was in one rush hour or another.

So I spent the whole day, in a really nearly literal sense, driving in the rain, walking in the rain, running from car to store and store to car.  Not enough to be soaked or anything, but enough to be splashing through the puddles.

So then after I scurried home, as much as one could scurry in the traffic, I went to the Friday Louisville Munch.

I had promised to bring a couple things to folks at the Munch, and I’d also texted a bit back and forth with aisha who was going to be there with her Sir, so there was that.

With a bit more planning or recognition of my day, I might have taken a pass and stayed home, but the candle was already lit, so…

And then I talked for three more hours.

I suspect I will have completely lost my voice tomorrow.  I’m prone to it anyway, and I have strained it too much, I think.  My throat is not sore to swallow, but it’s still sore, both from talking and from coughing.

And I suspect that’s more than anyone needs to know.

Tomorrow I am going to begin my cookie production, and hopefully not leave the house.  slave drew will not be around until late in the day, and then only for an hour or so before he has an engagement I am taking a pass on.

I’ll be making a couple cookies from blogs, I am going to have to go find aisha’s recipe from last year that ‘nilla said was her kids’ favorite…

And now I’m even going to stop speaking here.  Have a good one.


My Weekend – Part 3

It seems like the weekend is taking nearly as long to tell about as it took to live through it, doesn’t it?

So what happened next?

When last we saw our hero, she had just presented Leather and been presented her own pin.

I should mention, or perhaps I shouldn’t, that I actually spent the entire event in a pair of white Scottie slippers.  Fuzzy ones.

I also wore my Santa hat the entire time I presented Leather.

Along with the Scottie slippers.

It’s a really NICE Santa hat, if that makes a difference.

Anyway, once that was over, the event proper was kicked off.

And how did we do that, you might ask?

Let me set the scene.

The supporting players are Elf Devon and Panty Claus.

Elf Devon is an adorable boy, who was dressed in an elf’s vest, hat and ass-less undies.  His prop is a giant candy cane, the kind one would normally place in the ground outside along one’s pathway.

Panty Claus is one of the board members of Fringe Elements, Caile, who was wearing a cute little Santa-ish outfit, red and white with a hat, and a short skirt.

Her panties said HoHoHo, but I believe that was a comment on the holiday season rather than any kind of untoward description of her proclivities.

And you’d know what her panties said, too, if you’d looked on Fetlife.

I want you also to imagine a large man, a bear, a man who is nearly the SIZE of a bear to begin with.  He’s also sweet as a bear’s honey, but that’s beside the point.

Now, imagine this man, bigger than life as he is, in a leather jockstrap sort of thing, suspenders, boots, a red fuzzy cape and a white curly wig.

He had also chosen the politically incorrect title of Homo-Claus for himself.


The final element in the fringe-y mix is Gypsy, who is one of our local furries, who is the owner and usual inhabitant of a human-size pony costume.  Add to that costume reindeer antlers and some other fetching Christmas additions.

Apparently, I announced the opening before we were quite ready, requiring some improvisation.

The improvisation began with Elf Devon chasing Panty Claus around the dungeon, while the audience, myself included, ROARED.

It was hysterically funny.

Both of them had a certain manic quality to the scampering about, running around equipment, having to hang on to their hats in a literal sense,

We had fashioned Santa’s “sleigh” out of a rather impractical piece of dungeon furniture, a small spanking bench that is on wheels and moves pretty easily.

Imagine said LARGE man sitting on said smallish spanking bench, being pulled by said Gypsy pony.

Now this probably is working better in your imagination than it did at first in reality because, for reasons which I have yet to ascertain, no one thought that perhaps the large man should wait to board the small sleigh until AFTER the sleigh had negotiated the 90 degree turn in the hallway.

Really, it was also pretty funny to watch it, were you not supposed to be making this all work, to see the pony struggling to pull the sleigh which was fairly well-loaded, down a narrow passage.

What finally happened was that Ms Tammy dashed down the hallway and gave a giant PUSH to the sleigh, thus freeing it.

And then, what to our wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer.

Ok, a semi-miniature sleigh with a full-sized Santa, and one not-that-tiny reindeer because, let’s not forget, the “reindeer” was pulling the full-size Santa and Christmas miracles only go SO far.

It was, I swear, incredibly funny, as well you can imagine.

The rest of the evening was filled with conversation and laughter and screams – none that I personally caused, to clarify – and a generally good time had by all.  There were old friends there, and new ones, folks from near and far.

Photos were taken, toys and corsets were sold, sweets were bought and people were beaten.  Paddles were procured, ornaments were owned and and auction items were auctioned.

Finally, it got to be late, as it usually does.

At around 12:30am we drew for our two raffles, which were won by the same person, but that person had bought the most tickets for one, and earned the most for the other by buying a significant amount of merchandise from the vendors, so there’s nothing wrong with that.

We also closed down our silent auctions and collected for them.  We had passes for events donated, and some other items.  A few we’ll put up for the next event.

We end our parties at 2am, so about 1:30am the vendors started packing up, and we started tidying.  Some people stayed over for the Louisville Munch the next night, and the other festivities, some went back,

I walked back to my car, through the parking lot still in my fuzzy slippers.  I think it was 2:30am or so by then, maybe later.  I know that I grabbed something to eat on the way home – I’d eaten little other than a fast food burger about 5:00pm and was STARVING.

I got home, let dogs out, ate my tacos – what else is open at 3am, after all? – and when I finally got to bed it was so close to 4am as not to make much difference at all.

I slept in a bit in the morning, intending to assist in the 11am cleanup at the space, until I woke up screaming with a leg cramp.  I mentioned that before, I know.

Boy, did that suck!

And not in a good way at all.

I expect that tomorrow I’ll post a photo of our little troop of miscreants, but until then, use your imagination.