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Post Party

Had I been smart, I would have written a blog post before heading out to the Fringe Elements Taster’s Choice party last night.

I thought of that about the same time I realized that I had forgotten the mascara.  It was too late to go back and do it by then.

So the party went well.  We had about 120 people, which is a good sized party.  Our class lineup was Rope Bondage by Robyn, Boot Massage by Bootblack Bella, Therapeutic Massage by Kristin, Intro to Canes by Ms Constance – yours truly – Intro to Flogging by GypsyPony, Hot Safe Sex by Leather Queer, Intro to Electrical Play by Sir Russ, Intro to Knife Play by Sir Charles, Rough Body Play by Walter Sobchak, Intro to Needles by Ms Tammy, Intro to Littles Play by Johnnie and Maggie, and Massage for Doms by Shawna the Dead.

Most classes ran about a half hour – the theme was Taster’s Choice, a chance to give people a taste of a skill or activity, and introduction to it.  A couple ran longer because there was too much to do in so short a time, but I was very pleased.

I actually did my cane class twice, and was surprised at the attendance both times.  I probably had about 30 people all together.

I’m always surprised at how many people are interested in canes.  I think it’s like anything else that people are afraid of, they’re also fascinated by.

I do a longer class on crops and canes both, and this was an abbreviated version.  I also caned probably a half dozen people who were interested in the experiencing how canes feel, so that was fun, too.

It was a good event, but the end result of such things is always that I am fairly exhausted the next day.  I actually didn’t stay as late as I usually do, because I wanted to check on slave drew, but I left for the party about about 5:00 or so and got home about 1:00am or so, so I was still gone about eight hours.

Now I need to really start focusing on Bluegrass Leather Pride, which will be my work this week.

If you were there, I hope you had a great time.  If you were not, and could have been, then you missed out. If you couldn’t make it due to distance, I forgive you.



Kink First – My First Play Party

The first play party I remember going to was in Lexington, Kentucky, probably in the early summer of 1997.

I had found people in the area through a channel on the internet, which was still a fairly novel way to meet people way back then.

It was a small group of people, A and R, D and J, BJ and some other stray folks whom I don’t remember as well.

I remember going to an apartment in Lexington for a party.  We were all, I think, relatively new to at least playing in front of other people, and there wasn’t any real equipment.  We used what was there, footstools and chairs, etc.

I remember giving one person, BJ, his first spanking, but it wasn’t anything really special or intense, at least for me.  Maybe it was for him.

It’s funny, it all seems so long ago, and so much, I don’t know, more innocent or amateur, in the nicest sense of the word.

We were all so much younger and the kink community was so much younger.

Not the Leather community, that had been around a long time, but the sort of straight kink community was much younger.

There were groups, certainly.  The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) was founded back in 1971.  The Society of Janus was founded in 1974.  There are others, I know, but I’m not trying to create a history, either, so forgive me not citing more.

But there were not groups everywhere, like there are today.  They were just beginning, a lot of them, but they often stuttered in their beginnings, a few meetings here, then a long break and a new group with a new name coming along.

There were events, but they were not as common as they are, nor did they have as much experience.  I don’t think as many people went to them, either.  It seems like in the “old days,” I’d see a lot of the same people at every event.

One of my old friends, a guy who used to run the Leather Harvest business, said to me once at an event, “I remember when there were like 100 of us in the country who were into this and we all knew each other.”

That’s an exaggeration, obviously, but the point of it is kind of true.

It’s always been interesting to me how few people have been to events, or have been to events regularly.  Clearly, it’s been a priority for me, and that’s why I went to so many, too.

I’m glad I started going to events.  I’ve made lots of friends, hundreds of them.

I’ve seen great classes by presenters who were wonderful.  I’ve seen crappy classes by presenters who were badly prepared.

I’ve stood on stages and at my seat when the asked presenters or volunteers to stand.

I’ve seen some amazing scenes, some incredibly creative scenes, some brutal scenes and some tender scenes.

I’ve done a lot of traveling because of events, and I am really grateful for that opportunity.

It seems like that last part maybe belonged more in the event one, but here it is anyway, and here it will stay.

I do appreciate the comments on other people’s “firsts,” and thank you all for those.

Kinky Bloggers at Bluegrass Leather Pride

So, my friend aisha and I had talked for a bit about having a Kinky Bloggers Convention.

You can find her blog here.

Anyway, she mentioned it on a blog, and I pointed out that it’s actually pretty easy to make that happen, because I already have an event planned for March 1-3, in Louisville, Kentucky.

That event is Bluegrass Leather Pride, and it will open with a Meet and Greet/Reception traditionally held in a bar, on Friday night.

There we’ll have classes during the day on Saturday, the 2nd.  We’ll break for the Louisville Munch, then come back for the actual Bluegrass Leather Pride contest, followed by a play party.

I’ll also have a keynote speech, and I’m not sure when it will be, it might be at a Sunday brunch of during the contest,

The contest will be entertaining, if nothing else.  I have contestants, I’ve done it before, I know how it works, it’s a lot of work, but it’s work I have experience with.

So every year, I like to do something different, maybe something that’s not really been done before, at least around here, in terms of education.

Making it easy to decide to add a track for your online presence and how to manage it.  I think it might be interesting and probably meaningful for the people that are involved with it.

Sometimes you judge success by value not quantity.

So, anyway, I think that kind of subject could create a lot of value and interest.

I’d like to see a class of some kind on the merits of FetLife and FaceBook and Twitter and all the other places and ways that one can promote oneself.

I’d like to see someone talk about the nuts and bolts of writing erotica, with an idea that erotica can be held to the same standards of writing well.

Addressing marketing your blog would be interesting, too.

If that format didn’t seem workable, it would also be possible to arrange it so it’s a full-day intensive and, basically, you all do whatever you all want, with a general idea of what and how.  You do panels, you practice writing, whatever.

Basically, I’m pretty willing to make it be whatever you all want it to be, within reason.

The caveats are,there will be a fee to attend the event, and I don’t know yet what it will be.  I would expect it would be between $25 and $40, though additional options, like a brunch, would be more.

It will be March 1-3, 2013, in Louisville, Kentucky.  I’ll have a nearby host hotel with, at least, a better rate than usual, probably in the range of $60 to $90 a night, but there are quite a few inexpensive hotels in the area, too.

You’d have a time frame from something like 10am to 5pm or so for the educational portion.

You could also plan to spend time Sunday in someone’s hotel or living room, too, and do more/different things, too, effectively doubling the time you have available to do whatever you want to do.

I don’t expect that I’ll have a location arranged for on Sunday, but I will on Saturday.

On the other hand, realistic responses in terms of who really would be willing/able to attend something like that would be helpful, too.

We’ll do something, regardless, but the more people who show, the more options there are.

So, what do you all think?