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Time after Time

So, I had a busy and productive day and the dining room is making strides, just some last where-does-this-go-now things left, really, and I had time to dust some areas.

The living room no longer has chairs stacked in it.

I tidied up my cupboards and pulled out the things I would need for the next few days easily accessible.

I did a couple more of those emails that had been hanging fire – does anyone else use that term other than me? – and got through a lot of those that aren’t pressing but just build up so quickly – blog entries and all the sale reminders and recipes and message notifications – at least in my mailbox.

I seeded two pomegranates, which does not sound like a lot unless you have seeded pomegranates.

I polished a silver ice bucket that I had bought at a yard sale, which hadn’t been polished in probably a decade.  slave drew had to help on that one, my already overtaxed polishing arms and hands gave out.

I made a list of what’s being served – I have plans for tomorrow, but I often cook a sort of Chosen Family Thanksgiving on the Friday AFTER and I’m doing that again this year.  That makes me feel more settled, too.

Also, as anyone who sometimes puts on a rather large and/or complicated meals knows, a list ensures that you do not, after everyone is tucking into pie, or worse, gone home, find the side dish of oyster stuffing or the deviled eggs still sitting in the very back of the fridge.

So, I will be busy some tomorrow, but I’ll have a bit more time and, one hopes, energy, since as of now I’m drooping.

I hope all of you have a lovely day tomorrow, stuffing yourself if you celebrate Thanksgiving, or, for that matter, even if you only celebrate Thursday.

Less Falacious Time

I got some things done and I feel much less overwhelmed.

The dining room is taking shape.  We, meaning slave drew, put up a shelf piece and we did the window treatment we’d planned – I have a window that looks into an added-on garage, and the view was not lovely.

We figured out some of the lighting, which took longer than you might think because it also involved drilling holes in the cabinet itself to reach the outlet.

I found my crock pot meaning, oops, I had to find a place for my crock pot.  I did, however.

I got to the grocery and mostly figured out what I’m doing and when and where and what I need for it.

I got my nails done.  In honor of the James Bond movies drew and I have watched lately, the color I picked is, “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

Bright kind of cherry red, with a bit of glitter.  If you were wondering.

I got fridges cleaned out so I’d have room.

I took care of three or four of the items on my to do list, too, of the email and phone sort.

In one case, it seems that my being slow in following up n something is actually going to work in my benefit, so that’s the payoff for procrastination, I suppose.

I can see an end, which is helpful.

Or at least an end to the time when I have dining room chairs upended on top of each other and the silver chest is no longer resting on the upside down rungs.

So, all things considered, I got a lot done today, and that always makes me feel better.

I’m a Virgo, after all, and you may say many things about Virgos, we are rarely called lazy.  Industrious suits us.

And, lest she think I forgot, I want to talk about the SIG groups one more time before ending.

I was, as I have said, kind of doing a lot of business, and that meant I was doing a lot of speaking.

I said something, and I don’t recall what, but perhaps on the order of what a shy and delicate creature I am, or something equally plausible.

From down the table, on the other side, came snort.

It was a quiet snort, really, almost delicate, but it was a snort.

The kind of snort that one might emit when confronted with something they found so unbelievable as to be ludicrous.

You know, like me being a shy and delicate creature.

I looked down the table to where aisha was sitting.

aisha, who had clearly been the one to make that noise, looked as submissives always due when put in that particular position, flushed, laughed, and said, “Oh, did I do that out loud?”

Yes, THAT aisha.

She thought I forgot because I hadn’t mentioned it.

She thought I wouldn’t mention it.

She read through that blog and breathed a sigh of relief because I hadn’t mentioned it, hadn’t brought it up and she thought, Oh, wow, maybe I lucked out…

You know she did.

But I didn’t.

In reality, of course, it was very funny, and also lead to another amusement I also didn’t mention. aisha had suggested maybe rearranging some of the tables for better meetings, and the dominants all moved to the back, leaving the submissives, maybe 10 or 12 of them, sort of moving tables and shuffling, trying to be very polite to each other and no one willing to really say, ok, this is what we have to do.

One of the men in my group laughed and said, “This is going to take them all night.”