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Plans and Things

I have finally gotten all the Kinky Prom photo edited and all but five of the 250-ish I took have been sent out.  Three of those I am just waiting on an email address so I can send them out, and two are of a person neither I nor any of the six or eight people I have had look at the picture knew her.

Today and tomorrow, I am *off,” in that I don’t specifically have plans to do anything in the evening.

Of course, it’s also Derby week, and we have two parties planned for this weekend, so it’s not like I’m really slacking off, of course.  I do have some paperwork to do, and some emails I need to answer, but I don’t necessarily have to be anywhere or do anything.

After this weekend, too, it will get a bit quieter.  The Center will take a lot of time, but much of it will be time that I am already spending on kink-related stuff, and we will have most of the bugs worked out, too.

I need to get out in my garden and do some weeding, clear out some of the growth that didn’t get cleared out before from winter, see what came back and where I might have an open spot or two.

I need to clean my house, which is not so much terribly dirty as it is wildly disorganized at the moment.  I haven’t unpacked the things from Saturday’s party yet, so the chairs in my den have bags in them.

My desk is piled high with magazines and notebooks, computer gizmos and random odd things.  An ancient fortune cookie in the wrapper.  A pair of beaters from a mixer.

A bag of tiny, mint-flavored, bone-shaped treats for the dogs.

I need to put the couple boxes of Bluegrass Leather Pride stuff on shelves in the garage, and deal with the contents of a garden basket I won at the dog show this spring, and move the 10 pairs of my shoes that have accumulated in the living room back upstairs.

And I will do all of that, honest I will.

But it won’t be tonight.  Tonight drew and I went out on the scooter for the first time this year and it was lovely.

And I was, in the 20 minutes I was away between that line and this, I trimmed a small shrub that was beginning to block a walkway, took the beaters to the kitchen, the dog treats in their cannister.

I can see the top of my desk again, one chair is mostly empty, and my blog is done.  How cool is that?



One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days?

It began with a LARGE dog mess that had to be cleaned up.  A mess that spanned two rooms.  First thing.

I’ve worked on laundry all day, which I honestly don’t mind, but it’s been a lot of steps up and down stairs, since the laundry is in the basement.  There has also been moving the clean clothes up to the upstairs, another flight.

I feel as though I’ve been doing a stair master all day, and while that’s not bad, my joints are beginning to protest.

I had another mess to clean up when the big plastic container of liquid laundry detergent somehow fell off the dryer, breaking the screw top, and spewing a certain amount of soap over the dryer, the washer, and some of the clean clothes.

Then there was the large pool of detergent on the floor.

I got it cleaned up, and now I have washcloths that are going to function as laundry drop-ins, since they are saturated with soap.

It has rained. ALL DAY.  I know, I know, we’re getting rain and I should shut the fuck up and be grateful, but it’s rained ALL day.  Drizzled.  Steady, drippy, boring rain.  Gray day, not a ray of sunshine to be seen.

Dogs can’t go out, or when they do, they track in astonishing amounts of mud.  There are puppy footprints on the floor where I swept up the puppy footprints yesterday from the rain yesterday.

I don’t know how much rain we’ve had over the last few days, but it’s been a lot.  The pool that we’ve never gotten around to draining for the winter because we’ve barely HAD a winter is about to overflow.

And for those of you who know about sub drop, let me tell you, event drop is just as real.

One is on and being all charismatic and upbeat and everything and it went well, but there’s a price one pays, too, in terms of the internal batteries, as well as external.

I’ve not done some of the things I wanted to do, and that’s ok, there’s time, but I feel unproductive, and that is never a feeling I like.  Bluegrass Leather Pride looms, GLLA is on the horizon, and Fringe Elements is always there.

I have had to do some bottoming for the community lately, and that’s not my favorite thing.  Sometimes we do things we find repugnant because it’s what’s required for the better of the community, and those are never the things that anyone notices.  One throws oneself on the sword at times.

I’m tired and probably hungry – dinner is bean soup I thankfully started this morning, and frozen biscuits.  I’ll survive, it’s not anything serious, but I would be much happier if tomorrow were a sunny day and the dogs could stay out longer than five minutes without bringing in so much mess that it feels like mud wrestling preliminaries.

I hope your Sunday is more cheerful than mine.


I have had an unusually lazy day, in some ways..  slave drew had a minor procedure yesterday and I’ve spent most of my day laying in bed with him, watching television.

I did run an errand or two, and made a rather lovely dinner of a fish casserole with olives and garlic and potatoes and lemon.  I’m also looking after a friend’s dogs while they’re out of town for a couple of days.  I do need to run out and take care of them shortly.

I rarely have the kind of day that involves watching a move or two, a longish nap this morning, and the seeming inability to do ANYTHING of any value.

Although, having written my own blog about accepting quiet as a time to recharge, perhaps I should just shut up and enjoy, huh?



Less Falacious Time

I got some things done and I feel much less overwhelmed.

The dining room is taking shape.  We, meaning slave drew, put up a shelf piece and we did the window treatment we’d planned – I have a window that looks into an added-on garage, and the view was not lovely.

We figured out some of the lighting, which took longer than you might think because it also involved drilling holes in the cabinet itself to reach the outlet.

I found my crock pot meaning, oops, I had to find a place for my crock pot.  I did, however.

I got to the grocery and mostly figured out what I’m doing and when and where and what I need for it.

I got my nails done.  In honor of the James Bond movies drew and I have watched lately, the color I picked is, “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

Bright kind of cherry red, with a bit of glitter.  If you were wondering.

I got fridges cleaned out so I’d have room.

I took care of three or four of the items on my to do list, too, of the email and phone sort.

In one case, it seems that my being slow in following up n something is actually going to work in my benefit, so that’s the payoff for procrastination, I suppose.

I can see an end, which is helpful.

Or at least an end to the time when I have dining room chairs upended on top of each other and the silver chest is no longer resting on the upside down rungs.

So, all things considered, I got a lot done today, and that always makes me feel better.

I’m a Virgo, after all, and you may say many things about Virgos, we are rarely called lazy.  Industrious suits us.

And, lest she think I forgot, I want to talk about the SIG groups one more time before ending.

I was, as I have said, kind of doing a lot of business, and that meant I was doing a lot of speaking.

I said something, and I don’t recall what, but perhaps on the order of what a shy and delicate creature I am, or something equally plausible.

From down the table, on the other side, came snort.

It was a quiet snort, really, almost delicate, but it was a snort.

The kind of snort that one might emit when confronted with something they found so unbelievable as to be ludicrous.

You know, like me being a shy and delicate creature.

I looked down the table to where aisha was sitting.

aisha, who had clearly been the one to make that noise, looked as submissives always due when put in that particular position, flushed, laughed, and said, “Oh, did I do that out loud?”

Yes, THAT aisha.

She thought I forgot because I hadn’t mentioned it.

She thought I wouldn’t mention it.

She read through that blog and breathed a sigh of relief because I hadn’t mentioned it, hadn’t brought it up and she thought, Oh, wow, maybe I lucked out…

You know she did.

But I didn’t.

In reality, of course, it was very funny, and also lead to another amusement I also didn’t mention. aisha had suggested maybe rearranging some of the tables for better meetings, and the dominants all moved to the back, leaving the submissives, maybe 10 or 12 of them, sort of moving tables and shuffling, trying to be very polite to each other and no one willing to really say, ok, this is what we have to do.

One of the men in my group laughed and said, “This is going to take them all night.”

That Fallacy of Time

So, I have a list of approximately 1000 things to do.

I have to finish up the dining room, though progress has been made.  But there’s a window covering to do, a wall shelf to hang, the living room to empty out, and then the kitchen, and then the cleaning of aforesaid locations.

There’s stuff I need to do for the upcoming Fringe Element Bizarre Bazaar, and for my own Bluegrass Leather Pride.

There’s a Leather Presentation I need to write.

I have to refill my ink on my printer.

I have some business of life stuff, things to mail, things to pay, things to buy.

slave drew’s birthday is Wednesday, Thanksgiving is Thursday and then it’s the holiday weekend.

I made a list of the things I have to do and haven’t done them, but making a list was kind of on the list.

I need to get my nails done.

I need to go to the grocery and to the bank.

I have to make pies.  It’s Thanksgiving, for heaven’s sake, I have to make pies.

I have to make some calls, settle some final details about this and that.

I need to answer emails and comments and look at Facebook and Fetlife and those seven million social sites we keep up with, sort of.

I need to type an invoice for drew.

I have to move some plants and rearrange others and, and, and, and…

So I always think I’ll have time.  Tomorrow or in a day or two, and I suppose I should know by now I never will have that time, really, not in the optimistic block of it I see in my mind.  I’ll be sitting at my desk, the dogs sleeping or happily playing, the sun is shining.

I have a pot of tea and a smoking fast connection, my desk surface is mostly clear, other than this fabled list, which is in the center of my desk.

I move through my list, making calls, writing emails, typing invoices, checking things off the list tidily.  I pause occasionally to let the happy dogs in or out, or to refill my pot of tea.

The house is quiet and there is nothing to distract me.

In reality, home and work and life and relationships and obligations and the best laid plan have gang aft agley, to quote Burns.

The dogs are indeed outside, barking obsessively at the neighbor’s dog, making HIM bark, making them bark.  Two will mostly come if I shriek loudly enough, but Belle is really nearly stone deaf, though she hears the word “carrot” just fine, thank you.

Meaning I have to go out and chase her down and run her in.

I have a large yard and if it’s dark that’s actually a task, especially when you’re looking for a dog about the size of a breadbox with short legs and pointy ears and a perfect carrot tail.  Different kind of carrot.  It’s what they call it, I swear.

The emails I answer generate more emails which have to be answered, and where the fuck DID I put the registration for my car, I really have to go find that now, I know it was in the car…

It was tucked under the visor, by the way.

The quick phone call turns into a pleasant and really important chat, but there goes an hour.  Then there’s the errand I have to run before 1 and the appointment to be considered at 2 and then there’s the pickup at 3 and the meeting at 6 and and and and…

And morning comes early and it’s now already past my bedtime.

Which makes me think of Ralph Hodgson:

Time, you old gipsy man,
Will you not stay,
Put up your caravan
Just for one day?

And now, I’m out of time for the night.